data cables

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Cables are used for keyboard, video, mouse, ethernet and power. Most cables are for the ethernet network and carry data.

The data network in the LIC uses data cables rather than any WLAN business. I use network cables to connect each PC to the ethernet switches. Different colours are used for different networks.

what it is

Each IBM PC has three or four data cables hanging out the back. Cables come in a variety of colours. The diagrams below show the data cable colours I expect to find hanging out of each computer.

All cable lengths are 2m. All connections are made with cables: I did not use any of that wireless malarkey.

Different colours are used for different networks (biz01, biz02 and adm01) and for different quantities of network traffic. The yellow route (the highway of the biz01 network) carries the traffic of all the red routes combined. If the yellow route fails the green route (the highway of the biz02 network) takes over. It needs the same high bandwidth.

LIC topology: data cables
wireless router

cable quantities

I reckon that adds up to 19 cables.