ethernet interfaces

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An ethernet interface is the most common kind of network interface. Every PC (Personal Computer) has one.

An ethernet interface is often referred to as a port. A computer port is vaguely in the same spirit as an airport and seaport: it's a place that a lot of traffic passes through. Port is a lot easier to say than "ethernet interface" and is used more.

Computers in the LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster) have a high port density compared to domestic computers. Port density is the number of ports on each computer. A PC in a typical home network has one interface. A LIC PC has at least three.

what it is

Ethernet interface hardware is either a socket soldered onto the mainboard or a NIC (Network Interface Card) you push into a PCI slot. I use network cables to connect each PC to each ethernet switch.

Each IBM PC has three or four ethernet interfaces. The Linux OS (Operating System) names these eth0, eth1, eth2 and, if it exists, eth3. Each PC arrived with eth0 only. I bought NICs (Network Interface Cards) to provide the rest.

LIC topology: ethernet interfaces
LIC interfaces