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Each piece of hardware added to the LIC gets a label: PDUs, PCs and even the mice.

It may seem a little silly to label mice but just wait until you point and click with the wrong one.

what it is

My labels are made from a roll of sticky paper letter labels, scissors and a permanent marker (£5).

The labels I bought from the local stationery store were 90mm across. I cut each label into six strips 15mm across. I tried to write on them with a ballpoint pen but it was too faint, so I swapped to a permanent marker. I tried felt tip pen labels a couple of years ago and the ink faded.

I stuck labels onto all hardware. IBM PC base units, KVM (Keyboard, Mouse and Video monitor) sets, network switches, network cables, PDUs (Power Distribution Units), power cables, KVM switches and KVM cables all have sticky paper stuck on them.

LIC topography: labels
NICs plugs PCs

network labels

When I build a rack of computers it is difficult for me to tell which cable plug connects which computer socket to what switch socket. This is because of the slope of my forehead. I help my neanderthal brain figure out what goes where by:

I'm actually doing a disservice to neandertals. Apparently their brains were bigger than ours.

what it isn't

Professional. Professional labels are made from flexible nylon tape printed with a top-of-the-range Dymo printer (£150).

where it is

Every piece of hardware shown in the layout diagrams gets a label.