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Many IBM PCs are in the LIC. You can see how many PCs by looking at the topology diagram below.

An IBM PC is a general-purpose computer. The network is a group of general purpose computers and specialised data communications computers connected together. This page does not show the specialised computers.

what it is

Let's imagine I take up rug weaving as a hobby. I take the topology view and turn it into a great big rug. I can show which IBM PCs go in each area by placing them on my rug. This is what it looks like.

No-one would lay out a data center like this because it takes up too much room. The LIC hardware layout is a stack of computers on shelves.

This rug view of the LIC misses out many things. The only network components shown here are IBM PC base units.

I build up the computers on the rug through the rest of this chapter, starting with the home network (the boxes in that top cloud).

what it isn't

You can't tell from this diagram that there are three colour-coded data networks.

where it is

PCs are stacked on the rack. The topography does not look much like this topology.