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Now the big picture is sketched out it's time to fill in the little details.

A network is any connected set of things. The networks in the LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster) are a power network and a data network. The data network is made of computers and other hardware.

A set of network components usually includes a set of ethernet components. It also includes furniture things, including a rack and desk, and computer things like IBM PCs and KVM switches.

what it is

The big LIC network contains two smaller types of network:

  • the power network, made from components ranging from extension leads to consumer units, and
  • the data network which includes NICs and ethernet cables.

The network topology gives an idea of how these things are connected.

Each computer on the rack needs to talk to the LAN (Local Area Network). I use network cables to connect the network interfaces of each IBM PC to the network interfaces of each ethernet switch. A photo of these connections leads to mystification. The design relies on abstraction for explanation.

LIC topography: network components
rack PCs and monitors cables and switches
labels labels labels

many physical things make up the LIC.

Many virtual things make up the LIC.