build a car-size cluster

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I take all the IT shopping I did and transform it into a working Internet cluster. There are many instructions here for creating the network architecture of the LIC. The time for talk is over. The time for action is here. Ooh-rah!

I build up the cluster in layers. First, I connect together the physical bits - the hardware and network parts. Then comes the workhorse software - the OS. After that I layer on Internet applications. Later I add customer services. This building stage provides a foundation that customer services are built on. When the build is complete, there is not much for a customer to see.

The LIC services, the things used by Internet clients, form the virtual presence. A web site is a virtual presence. This presence is created by adding applications to this network architecture.

LIC topography: car-size cluster
                                  cvm01       cup01  
  pdu01   ces01   ces02   ces03   ics03   ics02   ics01   pdu02   ifw03   ifw02   ifw01   xcl01   xks01   pdu03