ces01 (Central Ethernet Switch 1)

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The data network in the LIC contains three ethernet switches. Each provides dozens of data sockets to each shelf of the rack.

ces01 VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks)

The ethernet switches in the LIC pretend to be many switches by creating VLANs. I edited the ces01 configuration to create these VLANs.

LIC table: ces01 VLANs
name ports description
int2biz 1-4 from Internet to internet DMZ
dmz2biz 5-10 internet DMZ
default 11-48 everything else

ces01 interfaces table

The ces01 interfaces table shows how to plug cables into a 24 port switch. This table is related to the data cables topology diagram.

LIC table: ces01 interfaces table
cable colour host host
1 yellow xcl01 eth1 xcl01 pretending to be the Internet. This is in effect connected to the internet firewall, like this: Internet <---> internet firewall.
2 yellow ifw01 eth1 internet firewall <---> Internet.
3 yellow ifw02 eth1 internet firewall <---> Internet.
4 grey ces02 4 cross-over cable
3 yellow ifw01 eth2 internet firewall <---> internet DMZ.
4 red ics01 eth1 customer service in the internet DMZ.
5 red ics02 eth1 customer service in the internet DMZ.
6 red ics03 eth1 customer service in the internet DMZ.
7       default

customised files

Bespoke tailoring for this host.


There isn't any. It's an unmanaged switch.