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I designed and built a computer cluster for Internet work and high availability. It is a bargain-basement budget platform using free software (Debian Etch) and second-hand hardware (mostly commodity IBM PCs).

This chapter is a collection of descriptions of things in and around the LIC.

There are hundreds of pages in this chapter describing what each thing is, how it works, why it is needed and so on. Some pages are about ideas and others are about physical objects. The LIC uses lots of Internet technology so lots of Internet things are described here, such as an application server, a DMZ and an X.509 certificate.

The table below shows hundreds of page titles. This list is broken up into about twenty sections. If you only want to know about LDAP, skip down to the LDAP section. Sections are sorted alphabetically.

This is a big page. Instead of searching for a thing with your eyeballs, why not make your web browser do the work? Hold down the Ctrl key and press F to open a search window.

These pages are technical descriptions, not technical procedures. Try the cookbook for procedures.

Flash Gordon rocketship