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LIC topology: system layers
layer product
application apache, jBoss, IIS
OS (Operating System) Debian distribution, Microsoft XP, VMware
hardware and network LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster), VMware virtual machines


The infrastructure of the LIC is the framework that makes it run. This includes the computers and other hardware, software, support people, and the enterprise's e-commerce management functions.

No-one really talks about the intrastructure, interstructure or outerstructure. Why not?

These layers can be split into many secondary layers.

secondary layers in the stack and product examples
layer product
made-to-measure application Java business logic
off-the-shelf application Java VM
OS RHEL5 on a virtual machine
OS VMware on a physical machine
network Internet, ethernet, SAN
hardware IBM X3850, NetApp Filer, Cisco switch