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A host is a location on a network, used to describe where Internet services are located. Each host in the LIC has a name five characters long eg. ics01.

The LIC only uses a fraction of the names in the naming scheme below.

what it is

Each host in the LIC has a name five characters long. The name is a shorthand code, not a word that exist in any language. If you know the code, you can tell roughly where the host is and what it does.

Every name contains a location, a role and a serial number. Names are not case sensitive. It doesn't matter if ewe01 is written EWE01.

  • The location is the first letter. ics01 is a web server in the internet DMZ.
  • The role is the next two letters. Most of these roles are specialised, such as "ap" for a computer that hosts only application servers.Two are general purpose: "cs" for customer service and "br" for brain. A computer with "cs" in its name hosts many different kinds of server that, collectively, provide services for customers. "br" does the same for LIC internal services. Business logic forms a virtual brain. The brain is built from a mix of servers on one computer.
  • The two digits on the end are a serial number. This is used to make each name unique. Since it is two digits you are limited to 100 hosts for each role. That is more than enough.
LIC table: characters in a host name




1 location. The first letter of the DMZ name is used for this.
  1. I - internet DMZ
  2. B - biz DMZ
  3. E - enterprise DMZ
  4. X - eXternal computer

Role. This is a two letter code representing the primary purpose of the host. Most hosts are servers of some description. Two letters is the minimum I can get away with.

  1. AP - APplication server
  2. BR - BRain
  3. CS - Customer Service
  4. DA - Disk Array
  5. DB - DataBase server
  6. EM - E-Mail server
  7. FW - FireWall
  8. ID - Intrusion Detector
  9. LB - Load Balancer
  10. LD - LDap server
  11. LO - LOg Server
  12. MG - Management Server
  13. NS - dns Name Server
  14. RT - RouTer
  15. SA - SSL Accelerator
  16. SW - SWitch
  17. TD - Tape Device
  18. WE - WEb server
4,5 Serial Number. Each host name has to be unique. Since you can have lots of hosts in one location fulfilling one role, we have to stick a number on the end to make each name unique. Three IWE hosts become ics01, IWE02 and IWE03. You can have up to 100 of each type which is enough for anyone, surely. from 00 to 99


what it isn't

where it is


LIC table: host names in a complex cluster
monster truck cluster

Each of these 37 rectangles is a computer. The dns LANs contain DNS server computers, the firewall LANs contain firewall computers, and so on. Each LAN has at least two computers for the HA (High Availability) reason that if one breaks down, the other still provides the service. Heavily used LANs such as the web LANs contain several computers, each one identical to the next. The biz LAN does not contain identical computers: there are several pairs of computers that provide different business services such as database, directory and application.