drupal, a content management application

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Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine, 1953


Drupal is a web application framework that makes building a web site easier.

what it is

Drupal has a core and optional extras. There are many core modules for user login, navigation menus, style and other common web site items. Thousands of contributed modules are available for e-commerce, administration and dozens of other categories.

Web site content is stored in a MySQL database. The machine is written in PHP.

The stable Debian distribution supplies Drupal version 6. The latest version is 7.

Apache runs the application. There are no daemons.

application instructions

application files

The files are the four universal parts of an application.


Drupal requires many applications, including apache, mysql and php, to work.


Debian's drupal installation has been Debian'd: hacked and rearranged to conform to a Debian system layout.

  • /etc/drupal/6/
  • /usr/share/drupal6/profiles -> /etc/drupal/6/profiles

Content lives in a MySQL database called Drupal6 by default.


Messages are stored in the database. They can also be sent to syslog.

  • /var/log/syslog
  • /var/log/messages