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spare parts for Amilcars


Buy spare parts. NICs, cables, disk drives. Maintaining old hardware means maintaining a box of scraps - a collection of spare parts, ready for when I need them.

When I buy a second hand PC, I may find a component is too old to play with modern software or is just plain broken. I need a replacement.

When the LIC is running, a component may fail. I keep the odd computer for spare parts, such as when a PC power supply starts to trip the consumer unit.

When I upgrade hardware, I may break something. In my more aggressive moments I have forced a PCI card into a strangely resistant slot, slipped and jammed a screwdriver into a motherboard and sawn off bits of a case that were in my way. Sometimes it goes well. Other times I create landfill. I need spares to complete the job.

start a box of scraps

I ended up with some spares. Buying second hand hardware is not a clean business. I often find I have too little or too much hardware.

I bought some spares.

LIC shopping list: buy spare parts
name quantity unit price (£) total price (£)
IBM PC base unit with at least 3 PCI slots
IBM PC base unit with at least 2 PCI slots