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Any area where an e-commerce exchange takes place is an IMP (Internet Market Place). The physical machinery needed to make an IMP is an LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster). The LIC is the physical foundation that the virtual IMP is built on.

We can logically divide the work needed to supply an Internet service into the pretty stuff and the ugly stuff.

  • The pretty stuff covers what customers see such as marketing, graphics and copywriting. This is the front of the service.
  • There is also the ugly stuff at the back such as network administration and programming.
I hang around the ugly backside of Internet services.

what it is

All organisations exchange resources with others. All companies have a need for marketplaces where buyers and sellers congregate to exchange goods and services for money. The Internet is a modern opportunity for exchange. The Internet exchange of goods and money is . All on-line exchanges are bundled under the one banner of e-commerce. I have no idea who came up with the marketing concept of taking the words commerce and electronic and sewing them together with a hyphen.

An IMP is an extension of a physical commerce marketplace with shouting street hawkers and stripy stall awnings. If you want to sell something in an IMP then you may have to carry out all sorts of tasks such as design a site, create it, advertise it, take orders, deliver information and so on.

what it isn't

Internet marketing. This site describes how to build and run an LIC. The LIC is what this site is all about.