APC notes

UPS solution

NOT part of the instructions yet. This will be incorporated later.
Assuming the following power rating: 2360 watts - 300watts per tower model, 280watts per desktop (incl 1 screen) and 40watts for the KVM

I would like to propose the following:

SUM3000RMXLI2U - APC Smart-UPS XL Modular 3000VA/2700watts 230V

   Rackmount/Tower convertible

  •    2 U rack height
  •    82% of capacity used with 2360watts. Recommended not to full 100%
  •    capacity because is inrush current during start up.
  •    Network management card with environmental monitoring included with
  •    the ups
  •    extended runtime capability
  •    remote group oulet control

   2 x SUM48RMXLBP2U - external battery pack

Tower/Rack Convertible for 39minutes runtime. Without extra battery, 5minutes runtime & with one 19 minutes runtime.

  • both batteries  2U rack height