closed source cookbook

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Big money enterprise stuff. I have hacked about with many big bucks products in my many jobs over the years. I wrote procedures for many of those things and collected them here.

This is a collection of instructions for closed source products.

This page isn't really about the LIC because I could not afford to build it from closed source products. You can, and the end result would work very well, but I didn't. It is a game that is so expensive it is only played by big enterprises and evil empires.

Closed-source products include hardware and software. Many companies sell these products.

The ones I wrote about in these pages are these big names, instantly recognisable to people in the business.

  • hardware suppliers are Blackbox, Cisco, Nokia and Sun.
  • OS suppliers are Microsoft, Redhat and Sun.
  • Applications include Checkpoint Firewall-1, the old iPlanet stack (iPlanet Directory Server, Web Server, Messaging Server and Application Server), CA Unicentre TNG and Oracle.