data network colours

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The three data networks are colour coded. The colours in the diagrams match the colours of the ethernet cables.

  • Yellow and red cables are included in the biz01 network.
  • Green and blue cables are part of the biz02 network.
  • Grey cables are part of the adm01 network.

what it is

LIC topology: data networks
The end users of the LIC (the customers) are here.
LIC Services for Internet customers go here.
The LIC support team is here.

Three different routes deserve three different colours. I used five. Each data network gets its own colour. The spine of each business route also get its own colour. This is because a spine carries much more traffic and needs greater bandwidth.

  • Yellow cables are part of the spine of the LIC (the central route that traffic travels down). Yellow cables connect ifw01 to the Internet.
  • Green cables provide an extra spine to provide HA (High Availability). Green cables connect ifw02 to the Internet.
  • Red cables connect the yellow spine to the PCs providing the services. Red cables connect the DMZ to ifw01.
  • Blue cables connect the green spine to those same PCs. Blue cables connect the DMZ to ifw02
  • Grey cables carry administration traffic. Grey cables connect pretty much everything together. the spine is the same colour as the rest of the cables because bandwidth is not so important here. There is no HA for administrative traffic because it does not directly affect customers.