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A running an IBM PC (Personal Computer) creates heat. A CPU can chug along at 40°c. The longer the computers in LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster) run, the hotter the room will get and computers don't like running in hot rooms. If the room temperature reaches 40°c then a computer will shut itself down (if it has a thermal sensor) or crash (if it doesn't).

thermometer install climate monitoring

I would like an ESensors Websensor EM01B, a device that checks temperature, relative humidity, and illumination and makes the information available to the network.

I have a thermometer. A cheap one stuck to the wall with gaffer tape.

Being poor is rubbish.

install climate control

The LIC room is cooled because it is in my shed,which is only one step away from being out in the damp cool British weather. This may be risky for the computers, but I am not really sure. Cold air is good for computers, but I don't want to find frost forming in the shed in Winter. Frost is wet. Electricity and water are a bad combination.

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