detect and suppress fires

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fire appliance


Fire hazards are worrying. A fire can wipe out all the hard work I put into the LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster). I need a fire detection system and a way of dealing with electrical fires.

I have a cheap battery operated fire alarm for fire detection. For fire suppression I have a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher.

I made sure I can get away from a shed fire by not placing fire hazards (the computers) between me and my emergency exit (the shed door).

install a fire alarm

I bought a cheap battery operated fire alarm for fire detection.

install a fire blanket

LIC topography: detect and suppress fires
fire blanket fire extinguisher

The fire blanket will do for smothering small stuff. Fire blankets are covered by British Standard BS 6575.

install a fire extinguisher

I need a fire extinguisher for class C fires. A fire extinguisher has limited use but it is better than nothing.

There are all sorts of fire hazards. Fires and fire extinguishers are classified into many types. My local shop sells "ABC Dry Powder Multi-purpose Fire Extinguishers" (£11).

I have to order a CO2 extinguisher from the Internet (£40)

A fire extinguisher needs to be maintained. I may need to check mine at service intervals or replace it at the end of its lifetime. It has a cartridge which may leak. It has no gauge to break. It contains powder that can transform into a big clump of uselessness.

I can't afford the good stuff. For fire detection I use a cheap battery operated smoke detector and hope I am nearby if the alarm goes off.