secure the room

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It's physical security time, the only time that ain't a crime. Securing the room is done by making it more resistant to physical attacks.

Later we protect the LIC (Larg's Internet Cluster) against virtual attacks with network security and web security.

secure my shed

When it was first built, my shed was not the most secure place in the world. I had to buy some things and do some work to make it physically secure.

LIC topography: secure the room
padlock made of cheese easily unscrewed hinge brittle windows
padlock door hinge window
  • Window hinges and the door hinges could be unscrewed. I replaced some screws with carriage bolts.
  • Windows are two foot glass squares. I screwed clear polystyrene sheet over windows. This is flexible and can resist the odd hammer blow but no more, so I screwed steel straps to reinforce the styrene sheet.
  • The shed door latch was secured by a padlock from a christmas cracker. It would give a bolt cutter no problem. I replaced it with a hardened padlock.